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Why AT Bespoke Homes?

At Anthony Tarabene Bespoke Homes, we leave no stone unturned to provide you with the best service and build a home you have always dreamt of.

  • Our unique designs stand the test of time and remain timeless in terms of design, and strong in terms of quality of materials.
  • We are good listeners and understand our clients’ needs and requirements, thereby focussing on delivering what they need.
  • We are flexible, and accommodate within your budget.

Our Services

Turning Your Dreams Into Reality

We are backed by a skilled team of tradespeople and suppliers, working tirelessly on your project.

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Our Projects

We welcome our clients to share their experiences with us as we like to learn and improve constantly to ensure the best service and outcome for our customers. Thank you for choosing to build with Anthony Tarabene Bespoke Homes, we can’t wait to see the smile on your face when you see your vision come to life.

Directors of Anthony Tarabene Bespoke Homes

Anthony Tarabene and Narelle Martin, the directors of Anthony Tarabene Bespoke Homes are committed to provide a unique service to their clients and build relationships that go along the way. Their combined passion and skills about building happiness is what motivates them to help their clients achieve their dream home, and hence provide them with personalised service within their business model associated with the building industry.

They lay emphasis on understanding client requirements and deliver a project that best suits their needs in a holistic manner.

Anthony Tarabene

Anthony’s journey began when he was a young boy, as it was highly influenced by his late father John Tarabene, who was the founder of Golden Homes.

Narelle Martin

Narelle excels in putting your vision to reality. She has built multiple homes including her own home and loves to give a personalised touch to every project.

Your Trusted Home Builders Melbourne, VIC Bringing Dreams to Reality!

Having been in the business for several years, we at AT Bespoke, understand your vision for your home and translate it with the most feasible and magnificent designs. We work with you every step of the way to offer a home that replicates and facilitates your lifestyle needs. We are able to do this through a dedicated and highly professional team of designers, builders and constructors. From getting a thorough brief to planning and executing the designs to seamlessly blend them with practicality, we remain your trusted Custom Home Builders Melbourne at all times! Reach out to our team today for new home renovations in Melbourne

Most Affordable Home Builders Melbourne Bringing Your Uniqueness to Your Custom Home

We help bring your best affordable custom home builders Melbourne, designs to you at the best prices, translating your home with an ambience that reflects you completely. We make sure every design is built to your taste and helps you live your lifestyle in the most feasible way possible. At AT Bespoke Homes, we believe that your home is an extension of your aura and there’s nothing that can stop you from creating it most beautifully and magnificently possible. We build every concept and design element with you so even the minutest of your home’s spaces reveal aspects of you and your family as a unit.

Renowned Luxury Home Builders in Melbourne Helping you Touch new Horizons in Design & Structure!

Luxurious homes don’t have to be out of budget and this is why we help bring custom homes that match you in every way with affordability. Our luxury custom home builders melbourne, are built to offer stylish interiors with feasible design aspect giving you flexibility in your everyday life while being alluring to every pair of eyes that fall on them. We build with you a home that you would proudly call yours, a place where you’re the most peaceful at while being highly efficient at whatever you do. We help you build your home with everything custom-tailored as per you while meeting luxury with affordability.