Anthony Tarabene


About Anthony Tarabene

Anthony’s journey began when he was a young boy, as he was highly influenced by his late father John Tarabene, who was the founder of Golden Homes. Anthony is a second-generation builder, the profession he has picked up with several skills he acquired during his experience over the years, with both carpentry and painting backgrounds.

My Story

His father’s teachings to his son when he was a young man, were focussed on making him learn how to not only build a home, but to also know how to finish a home properly to the highest standard. Anthony has always been passionate about this and has ensured to follow his father’s ideas of building an ideal home for his clients.

Anthony has built townhouses, units, residential homes, and commercial construction projects in his career, and he currently holds a Builders Licence in Queensland and Victoria.

He has a passion for change and evolution within the building industry, as this industry keeps evolving and changing by introducing new products and technology. He stays updated with this dynamic industry, and shares relevant information with his clients, to provide a further choice to their project. With an understanding of no “one-size fits all’, he listens to the clients’ requirements and then builds homes that suit them the best. We as a team work together, to create a bespoke home, just for you. This process is personal, encouraging, and shapes dreams into reality.

Anthony believes in building your home with you, and not for you. Quality over quantity is what his approach has been as he does not want to be just another production builder. Unlike others, he wishes to keep the personal interaction intact, and cares for his clients throughout the process. He enjoys working with people, and has a great team of suppliers, trades, and stakeholders that help form this family and friendly environment to share this company’s success with you.