Narelle Martin


About Narelle Martin

Narelle excels in putting your vision to reality. She has built multiple homes including her own home and loves to give a personalised touch to every project. Her love for turning an idea of a drawing into a dream project is unmatched.

My Story

From inception to completion, she utilizes her skills to deliver the best and includes personal touches that can bring an object to life. This is certainly nothing but pure talent and is just one of her many skills.

Narelle’s main experience never developed from a construction background, but surprisingly from her other skills as a hairdresser, or more commonly known as a hair stylist. This is where Narelle acquired the art of visualisation from, as she can visualise combinations that others do not even give a thought about. This works wonders in terms of building design, creating the best colour combinations and use of materials. She has the skills to conduct effective communication with clients, unique to their project, ideas to give personalised touch to their dream home.

Narelle has other skills too, as she is a qualified Paediatric Nurse in the Western District of Melbourne. Apart from her standard job requirements, she needs to be on her toes and accommodate to all different cultures and ethnic backgrounds, which she successfully does. She is a highly skilled nurse because she acknowledges respect which is evident when she communicates to all her patients, their families, and the medical staff that she directly works with. She is an exceptionally good listener as this virtue forms a great part of her success, when dealing with our clients.