About Us

For The Discerning Few That Choose To Be Different


The drive behind Anthony Tarabene Bespoke Homes, is that we believe people have different needs, requirements, and interests. This allows us to create an opportunity to customise your dream home with you, from inception to completion at every step of the way.

This is how we achieve this objective.

We aim to accommodate within your budget.

You get to work with your builder from the start of construction to completion, this includes designing your home to suit your needs.

We aim to treat our clients with respect as this is important to our business ethics, that begins with listening to you: our client.

We communicate with our clients, by informing them about the progress during the construction process.

We are professionals who work within the building regulations and building codes, Occupational Health and Safety Laws and regulations, and use materials associated within the Australian Standards.

We pride ourselves with attention to detail.

We show empathy to our client’s needs and requirements, and deliver what they are after.

We like to be realistic, and aim to complete your home in a timely manner in accordance with your personal contract with Anthony Tarabene Bespoke Homes.

Critical thinking sometimes needs to be adopted in the construction process, as there are certain inevitable changes that need to be made to achieve the best possible outcome for our client, and even if this adds costs to us as a company, we cater to it.

We welcome our clients to share their experience with us, as we like to learn, improve, and get encourage from them. Thank You for choosing to build your dream home with us at Anthony Tarabene Bespoke Homes, we love to see you smile while gazing at it.

Why At Bespoke Homes?

At Anthony Tarabene Bespoke Homes, we leave no stone unturned to provide you with the best service and build a home you have always dreamt of.

  • Our unique designs stand the test of time, and remain timeless in terms of design, and strong in terms of quality of materials.
  • We are good listeners and understand our clients’ needs and requirements, thereby focussing on delivering what they need.
  • We are flexible, and accommodate within your budget.
  • We prioritize business ethics, values that we have acquired from our strong backgrounds.
  • We are backed by a skilled team of tradespeople and suppliers, working tirelessly on your project.
  • Our personalised approach makes us stand out.
  • We know that for you, its not just about building a home, but it is about building a dream.